Color Appeal™ by American Olean

Glass Tile |SKU# C10711SWATCH

Color Appeal revisits glass with updated colors, fresh sizes, and on-trend stone and glass blends. Color Appeal offers a sophisticated range of both cool and warm neutrals as well as a new vivid color group designed to add ‘pop’ to the color palette. Marbles and travertine are combined in harmonic blends with the neutral glass shades that perfectly complement each of the stone selections.

Color: Vintage Mint 1X1 Mosaic
  • Blue Moon Blend
  • Canyon Trail Blend
  • Charcoal Gray 1X1 Mosaic
  • Charcoal Gray 2X8
  • Charcoal Gray 3X6
  • Charcoal Gray 4X12
  • Cherry 1X1 Mosaic
  • Cherry 2X8
  • Cherry 3X6
  • Cherry 4X12
  • Cloudburst 1X1 Mosaic
  • Cloudburst 2X8
  • Cloudburst 3X6
  • Cloudburst 4X12
  • Dusk 1X1 Mosaic
  • Dusk 2X8
  • Dusk 3X6
  • Dusk 4X12
  • Fountain Blue 1X1 Mosaic
  • Fountain Blue 2X8
  • Fountain Blue 3X6
  • Fountain Blue 4X12
  • Grasshopper 1X1 Mosaic
  • Grasshopper 2X8
  • Grasshopper 3X6
  • Grasshopper 4X12
  • Hawaiian Ocean 1X1 Mosaic
  • Lime Green 1X1 Mosaic
  • Midnight Sky Blend
  • Mink 1X1 Mosaic
  • Mink 2X8
  • Mink 3X6
  • Mink 4X12
  • Moonlight 1X1 Mosaic
  • Moonlight 2X8
  • Moonlight 3X6
  • Moonlight 4X12
  • Mountain Morning Blend
  • Orchid 1X1 Mosaic
  • Orchid 2X8
  • Orchid 3X6
  • Orchid 4X12
  • Pacific Coast Blend
  • Pearl 1X1 Mosaic
  • Pearl 2X8
  • Pearl 3X6
  • Pearl 4X12
  • Pebble Beach Blend
  • Plaza Taupe 1X1 Mosaic
  • Plaza Taupe 2X8
  • Plaza Taupe 3X6
  • Plaza Taupe 4X12
  • Powder 1X1 Mosaic
  • Powder 2X8
  • Powder 3X6
  • Powder 4X12
  • Sand Storm Blend
  • Sea Cliff Blend
  • Sea Pearl Blend
  • Silver Cloud 1X1 Mosaic
  • Silver Cloud 2X8
  • Silver Cloud 3X6
  • Silver Cloud 4X12
  • Silver Spring Blend
  • Tortoise Shell Blend
  • Vintage Mint 1X1 Mosaic
  • Vintage Mint 2X8
  • Vintage Mint 3X6
  • Vintage Mint 4X12
Available Size: 1" X 1"
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American Olean
Product Line
Color Appeal™
Vintage Mint 1X1 Mosaic
1" X 1"
Field Tile

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