Gorgeous hardwood flooring installation in an Abilene, TX home

So many flooring choices! How do you decide?

When you come into the Callaway's Carpet showroom, you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of product. Our flooring store in Abilene, TX, carries an extensive inventory of both soft surfaces, like carpet, as well as hard surfaces, all others. Here are some tips to help you narrow your choice.

Understand your style and needs

Once you understand these three things, it becomes easier to choose, because they all offer different looks. If you want beautiful wood looks with affordability and durability, laminate flooring may be for you.

If the main concern is style with durability and longevity, hardwood is your choice, adding charm, warmth, and elegance to any home. Natural stone has a natural beauty that will immediately uplevel your home and adds value to your property. Still, some are more porous than others, an issue that can quickly be resolved with sealing or by choosing a nonporous rock like granite or slate.

Want a personal, unique, and distinctive style? Tile comes in all colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, many of which can be combined.

If you're looking for high value, luxury vinyl provides affordability, high-end style, waterproof capabilities, durability, low maintenance, and an uncomplicated installation. You can take it further with waterproof (vinyl) flooring, an amped-up version of luxury vinyl that offers the highest level of moisture protection.

The canvas is the room, the paintbrush, the carpet

When you come into our flooring company, you'll see hundreds of samples, all from different mills, with a variety of colors, patterns, designs, styles, and prices.

When choosing, consider lifestyle: family size, kids, pets, foot traffic levels, budget, etc. Then think about the room; how will it be used? Is it light, dark, large, or small?

As a note, rugs also eliminate sound, softens falls, provides temperature insulation, and improves indoor air quality. Technological advances keep them updated with expanded color palettes, digital patterning, extra durability, and stain resistance with more pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic versions.

Consider Callaway’s Carpet your one-stop source for all things flooring, whether it’s a residential or commercial installation. Visit our showroom in Abilene, TX, convenient to areas in and around Abilene, Sweetwater, Breckenridge, Aspermont, and Coleman. Be sure to ask about our free flooring quotes.